Unsolicited Opinions

You know what they say about opinions.

This is me being honest and up front about what I believe. I like to think that my opinions on various issues are fairly well informed. If you like what I’ve got on the site, by all means, buy a shirt. If you don’t like it, there are literally millions of other places you can go to spend your money.

I’m not here to change your minds about anything, and you’re certainly not going to change mine.

Social Media

I have a Facebook account that I check maybe once every couple of months. I had a Twitter account for about half an hour and deleted it. I’ve never had an Instagram account and never will. I won’t touch TikTok with a 40 foot pole.


I believe that the United States was founded on principles of freedom and liberty, and those principles have enabled it to be one of the greatest nations on the planet.

The Second Amendment

I like guns.


I believe that hard work and diligence should be rewarded, and that everyone starts with an equal opportunity to make something of themselves. I do not believe in equity of outcomes, because the only way that can be achieved is to ensure that everyone fails equally.


Yep, I’m gonna talk about this.

First off, yes, the virus has killed people, and that’s absolutely a tragedy, and it is never my intention in any way to diminish or make light of that. However, I believe that the responses worldwide to this issue have not been in proper proportion to the actual threat. I place blame squarely at the feet of the media for generating so much paranoia and fear that they’ve completely paralyzed everyone. I believe that all the lockdown policies and mask mandates have done far worse damage than the actual virus itself. And I believe that certain individuals in positions of power have abused that power (either for personal gain, or possibly just their own amusement), and that these people deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.