Fail Equally


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“Meritocracy is our social ideal, particularly among good liberals. Equality of opportunity, but not of outcome. Not evaluating people by their [outside] features, but by their innate talent and drive.” — Chris Hayes

“Inequality may not be fair but is necessary for progress.

When resources are distributed to people equally, you establish equality of outcome. If you photograph for a living or build rockets to colonize solar system – equality of outcome will establish the same value for both. It does not reward for resource-intensive and risky operations and discourages the development & progress because it’s as valuable as photographing. Any reasonable person will do less complicated things if he is compensated in the same way.

BUT, when resources are unequally distributed – it distributes values too. It means it systemically designs ‘rich & poor’ people. It means if you are poor, then you can become rich. To complete this transformation, you must do something valuable. In this way, minor and huge progress happens. No matter if you are rich or poor – you will need opportunities.

It is the way we interact with opportunities constructs inequality.” — Thomas Vato

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